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Re: [seul-edu] New educational section in GNU

Manuel Gutierrez Algaba wrote:

> On Sat, 23 Dec 2000, Douglas Loss wrote:
>> I think the FSF has decided not
>> to link to SEUL because of our occasional positive mentions of
>> non-free software.  This is of course their choice;
> I think it's time to found a new site/project/org:
> www.we-all-are-in-the-same-boat.org

How about www.abm.org ? Or, in full, www.anything-but-microsoft.org ? 
That way your position is quite clear - driving with your rear-view 
mirrors only.

Many people confuse school with education, but generally education 
proceeds faster and deeper when schools as such are not involved, 
because productive relationships (including ``anti-relationships:'' 
separations/isolations) and patterns can form which school would 
otherwise block or at least repress because they do not harmonise with 
the pattern which is the school itself. Similarly, rallying behind a 
single banner to oppose Microsoft lands you in exactly the same position 
as Microsoft, philosophically speaking. It's like yelling at your kids 
to shut them up - they learn to yell, not to shut up. This us-or-them 
herd mentality brought us the Dark Ages and has the power to return us 
to a new Dark Ages. I would much rather see a large variety of different 
groups not necessarily opposing anybody - even if Microsoft continues 
Borg-ing for much longer as a consequence - because the *final* result 
will be much better.

Case in point: Richard Stallman and I disagree on some basic 
philosophical premises. This doesn't stop me from using his licence for 
many things, or stop any of the GPLed projects from accepting my 
patches. The BSD people also have many good points of argument for their 
licences, and I have no objection to contributing to BSD projects even 
though there is a greater risk of my contribution becoming part of a 
closed-source project.

> Do they know what sinergy means ? 

_GNU_ might but _I_ don't. (-:

Synergy, on the other hand, depends upon the participants marching to 
the same drummer, so to speak. Humans being as they are, this generally 
requires one of those horrid leader things to be beating a drum 
(co-ordinating, at least).