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Re: [seul-edu] New educational section in GNU

Douglas Loss <dloss@suscom.net> wrote:
>I wouldn't mind that either, but I think the FSF has decided not
>to link to SEUL because of our occasional positive mentions of
>non-free software. 

Their fault, not ours.

> This is of course their choice; we'll still
>encourage them in any efforts to get Linux and Linux software
>into schools.

One of the best characteristics of SEUL/edu is its ability to work in an open mind frame. It seeks what Linux tools could be useful for schools, considering that useful software does not end in just one approach. Teachers want to know the whole set of tools that could be useful to solve an existing problem in their classrooms, not only those that adhere to a particular model of licensing.

SEUL/edu never had to submit to a particular ideology, model or licensing, neither had looked for the blessing of any organization to exist, so its presence (or lack of) in FSF is not an important matter to us.

Just a thought...

Alex Diaz
Escuela Normal "Manuel Avila Camacho" (ENMAC)

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