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Re: [seul-edu] New educational section in GNU

>I think it's time to found a new site/project/org:
>If the boat sinks, we'll drown in Windows. 
>Surely, there's different opinions but the goals are quite the same.
>Perhaps it's time to remind (once again ) that some of us just don't
>like masters/leaders, even if they're named RMS or ESR or even Linus
>Torvalds (perhaps that's why  Linus is such a superb leader, he
>doesn't act like one of them, I think).
I would like to point out, that a few student organizations at the
University of West Florida tried leadership by committee--and it doesn't
always work.  Sometimes it is better for a project or organization to have
a strong leader so that an organization can be kept on track.  There are
always situations where there might not be time to adjourn a committee
meeting in order to make a decision.

I also agree that some people are better than others at leadership /
management roles--the good ones generally don't try to micro-manage--they
allow the people they chose for a position to do what needs to be done,
with little or no direction.  There are also others that are good leaders /
managers by necessity, not necessarily because they chose to do it--they
tend to utilize their resources and allow the people under them to take
their share of the burden.

There is no one way to approach getting linux into general usage in
schools, or free software advocacy--if some groups choose not to link to
seul.org, that is their choice and their right.  Looking at some of the web
hit statistics, I would say SEUL is well on the way to becoming mainstream.
 Do a link search on google sometime--I think you'll be amazed with the


Michael Viron
Project Coordinator / Primary Developer
General Education Online / GEO Database Project