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Re: [seul-edu] Linux Servers

Happy Holdays and a Prosperous New Year to all Linux Users:

The South San Francisco Adult Education Center in South San Francisco,
California will once again offer a basic Linux class this coming Spring
The class web pages are on line at:

My name is Emilio Milian, and I'm the instructor.  I'm looking for a
Linux server and want to ask for suggestions and recommendations from
members of this list. The server is to be used in the "Advanced Linux"
class where students will learn how to set up all major internet
services using Linux.

I am looking at hardware only solutions , such as (About $1285): 

Also, have been looking at possibly using the Cobalt Qube for US$899.

Have been impressed with the Aries Linux Server Cube (List price about
$1,000 less educational discount): 

I would like to ask for suggestions or comments from any of you that
might have experience with using Linux Servers, keep in mind that the
server will be used by students, and I myself am still learning Linux.


Emilio Milian