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Re: [seul-edu] New educational section in GNU

>>>>> "Douglas" == Douglas Loss <dloss@suscom.net> writes:

    Douglas> As I say, unfortunate but understandable.  Let's just be
    Douglas> sure that we all realize that we're not opponents on
    Douglas> anything here, but merely have somewhat different ideas
    Douglas> on how to reach the endpoint that we all desire.


    >> If Seul/Edu wants to promote any of the projects in which I work, it
    >> is your decision and in that case I hope my projects will be useful
    >> for your objectives (irremediably I will feel an ungrateful person if
    >> you promote what I do while I don't promote what you do).

    Douglas> Don't feel so; we're not taking this position to gain any
    Douglas> sense of superiority or anything.  It's what our stance
    Douglas> requires, as is your position what your stance requires.

Thank you. 

    >> For me, it has been very good to talk with you.  Again thank
    >> you.
    Douglas> I hope this doesn't mean that you're planning to
    Douglas> unsubscribe from the seul-edu mailing list.  I was mildly
    Douglas> unhappy when Hilaire Fernandes did so.  Just because the
    Douglas> FSF point of view isn't exactly the SEUL/edu one doesn't
    Douglas> mean that we shouldn't be listening and talking to each
    Douglas> other.

I wouldn't like to unsubscribe.  I hope  to find a way to stay in this
list while I'm consistent with my beliefs.

Best regards

  Vladimir Támara Patiño.
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