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Re: [seul-edu] New educational section in GNU

>>>>> "Douglas" == Douglas Loss <dloss@suscom.net> writes:

    Douglas> On 26 Dec 2000, Vladimir Tamara wrote:
    >> As I expressed in my previous email, I wish that Seul/Edu, GNU
    >> and seveal other projects could work in team.  If Seul/Edu
    >> decides to support also the values of free software and the
    >> position of GNU as it supports currently the installation of
    >> GNU/Linux in schools, please let me know to add links to the
    >> Seul/Edu web pages from the GNU server and to look for other
    >> ways to cooperate.
    Douglas> There are some misunderstandings in this discussion, from
    Douglas> both sides I think.  I'll try to lay out the areas in
    Douglas> which I think we're talking past each other (as usual, I
    Douglas> may be and probably am missing some other such areas).
    Douglas> SEUL/edu does support the values of free software.  We
    Douglas> have never failed to encourage, support, and provide
    Douglas> resources for projects to develop free software for
    Douglas> educational purposes.  However, we recognize that there
    Douglas> are some software niches that are considered mandatory,
    Douglas> or nearly so, for use in schools for which there are no
    Douglas> free applications available and none under development.
    Douglas> If there are commercial programs available for Linux in
    Douglas> these niches we do publicize their availability in the
    Douglas> hope that they will help make Linux a viable,
    Douglas> unfrightening choice for use in schools.  If and when
    Douglas> projects start up to create free software in these
    Douglas> niches, we encourage, support, and provide resources for
    Douglas> them just as we do for any other free educational
    Douglas> software projects.

    Douglas> I realize that this viewpoint (which I consider to be a
    Douglas> pragmatic superset of the GNU guidelines) doesn't square
    Douglas> entirely with the FSF rules.  I understand that the FSF
    Douglas> has to maintain their strictures if they're to stay
    Douglas> morally and ideologically consistent.  It's unfortunate
    Douglas> that those strictures prevent these two groups from
    Douglas> working together toward goals that are substantially the
    Douglas> same.  SEUL/edu will encourage, support, and if desired
    Douglas> provide resources for any educational efforts of the FSF,
    Douglas> as we do for all such projects.  If because of the nature
    Douglas> of our advocacy efforts the FSF can't completely
    Douglas> reciprocate, that's unfortunate but understandable, and
    Douglas> shouldn't cause any lasting conflict between the groups.
    Douglas> That's the SEUL/edu position, in so far as I have any
    Douglas> authority to take such a position for a loose-knit group
    Douglas> such as ours.

OK, thank you for stating clerly that position. 

    >> I personally work in some projects that I would like to see as
    >> parent projects of Seul/Edu, but for me also the values are too
    >> important (the projects where I'm involved now are Structio,
    >> SLEC, GNU Typist and the section education of GNU).
    Douglas> I'm not sure I understand this.  Do you mean you'd like
    Douglas> these projects to be listed on our page as
    Douglas> SEUL/edu-supported projects, but because of our
    Douglas> above-stated position feel that such listings would be
    Douglas> inappropriate?  I think that was essentially the position
    Douglas> Hilaire took with Dr Geo and Dr Genius.  While we don't
    Douglas> particularly like having projects feel uncomfortable
    Douglas> being associated with us, neither do we feel that we must
    Douglas> have the first and last words on educational software for
    Douglas> Linux.  So long as such software is being developed and
    Douglas> used, our goals are being served.  If the software is
    Douglas> associated with SEUL/edu, that's just gravy.  We'll still
    Douglas> encourage, support, and publicize the projects in every
    Douglas> way we can.

Thank you for  that support for all those projects. 

However since some  time ago I feel that I should  work for the values
promoted  by the free  software in  the most  consistent way.   For me
promoting non-free software is giving up and forgetting my objectives,
by that  reasons the projects where  I'm working cannot  make links to
Seul/Edu,  I cannot  promote your  organization neither  ask  for your

If Seul/Edu wants  to promote any of the projects in  which I work, it
is your  decision and in that case  I hope my projects  will be useful
for your objectives (irremediably I  will feel an ungrateful person if
you promote what I do while I don't promote what you do).

For me, it has been very good to talk with you.  Again thank you.

  Vladimir Támara Patiño.
  Home Page: http://www.bigfoot.com/~vtamara
  GPG Key: http://euclides.uniandes.edu.co/~v-tamara/gpgkey.html