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Re: [seul-edu] New educational section in GNU

On 26 Dec 2000, Vladimir Tamara wrote:

> However since some  time ago I feel that I should  work for
the values
> promoted  by the free  software in  the most  consistent way. 
 For me
> promoting non-free software is giving up and forgetting my
> by that  reasons the projects where  I'm working cannot  make
links to
> Seul/Edu,  I cannot  promote your  organization neither  ask 
for your
> support.
As I say, unfortunate but understandable.  Let's just be sure
that we all realize that we're not opponents on anything here,
but merely have somewhat different ideas on how to reach the
endpoint that we all desire.

> If Seul/Edu wants  to promote any of the projects in  which I
work, it
> is your  decision and in that case  I hope my projects  will
be useful
> for your objectives (irremediably I  will feel an ungrateful
person if
> you promote what I do while I don't promote what you do).
Don't feel so; we're not taking this position to gain any sense
of superiority or anything.  It's what our stance requires, as
is your position what your stance requires.

> For me, it has been very good to talk with you.  Again thank
> you.
I hope this doesn't mean that you're planning to unsubscribe
from the seul-edu mailing list.  I was mildly unhappy when
Hilaire Fernandes did so.  Just because the FSF point of view
isn't exactly the SEUL/edu one doesn't mean that we shouldn't be
listening and talking to each other.

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