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Re: [seul-edu] Linux Servers

Roger Dingledine wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 26, 2000 at 01:14:22PM -0800, Emilio Gerardo Milian wrote:
> > I would like to ask for suggestions or comments from any of you that
> > might have experience with using Linux Servers, keep in mind that the
> > server will be used by students, and I myself am still learning Linux.
> If you have specific questions about hardware, etc (eg, you want help
> picking out components), feel free to ask me. I'm not as familiar with
> things as I used to be, but I can probably still be useful.

Thanks for your response, just to make you aware of what I'm thinking
and your comments or suggestions to improve on it:
The South San Francisco Adult School is a small school. We have ten PC
(Pentium III 550 MHZ with 64 M RAM) with RH 6.2 and 2 power macs with
Yellow Dog Linux running. 
All connected to the internet, so we can surf the web.

There will be 2 classes, the first 6 weeks will be the basic Linux,
which is basically to install it and to get familiar with the OS and
navigating the file system.
Typical student is familiar with windows, but knows nothing about Linux.
The objective is to give students a taste of Linux by running it on
their own home pc, and thus give them the tools they need to start using
it, and getting other people interested too.

The last 6 weeks (towards the end of March) will be the "advanced" part
of the course, I haven't finalized the topics but I'm thinking of
covering: a) Setting up Apache web server
b) Setting up DHCP
c) Installing Sendmail
d) setting up a firewall
e) and finally maybe setting up DNS server.
There is only so little time to cover few topics in 6 weeks.

I already have experience with Apache, DHCP, and setting up Linux
firewall. Will try my hand at setting up Sendmail sometime this weekend.

So, if you have some constructive ideas regarding the hardware to use
and the software to install/teach, it would be appreciated.  Also if you
have any suggestions of any good books on these topics.

From comments I saw, it appears that we can use our present equipment.
But, if you have any suggestion or additional comments, please send

Thanks again,