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Re: [seul-edu] K-12 LTSP

The Vectras, especially the VE models, are flaky.  (VE stands for Value 

When we were testing them we found problems with the IDE controllers and 
PCI bridges that required additional compile options.  I have not actually 
worked with your particular models, but would not be surprised if that was 
not the case.

On the bright side, one they are running they normally are more stable than 
they were under windows.....


Kevin Stiles
Pasco School District

At 07:15 PM 11/30/2002 -0600, you wrote:
>Is this a common occurance?  One of my students was tasked with installing an
>Linux Terminal Server in one of our classrooms.  It seems the classroom
>computers are simply unable to run Windows 2000, but will make nice X
>Anyway, said student grabbed K-12 LTSP as the basis for the 
>installation.  The
>documentation seemed unclear, and the kernels included would not boot.  The
>target systems are HP Vectra 3s with upgrade 200 Pentium processors.  Now I
>realize these are not the friendliest systems to work upon, but this
>perserverant lad spent well over 30 hours trying to get this to work.
>Yesterday we downloaded the standard LTSP binaries and had a working 
>system in
>less than an hour.
>Thus the question, is K-12 LTSP broken, or is it our hardware that is so
>flakey as to be unusable for their pre-compiled kernels?
>jeff williams - cfiaime@nconnect.net
>                 jeff.williams@cuw.edu