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Re: [seul-edu] FWD: The Stockholm Challenge Award

> >  Organisation: SEUL

I would write this out as
Simple End-User Linux (SEUL) Project

> >  Description (1 sentence): Development and collection of educational
> > software for Linux.

'for the Linux operating system'? (or the GNU/Linux operating system if
you're one of those people..:)

> >  Brief project summary: We have a good deal of easy-to-use educational
> > software for school of ages 6-15, as well as some home educational
> > applications free of charge, like the whole system.
> Make the ages here and below 5-18.  That should cover the range from
> kindergarten through 12+ years of primary and secondary schooling.  Or
> perhaps we should just say something like, "below university age."
> >  Since when is the project implemented and running?    ????
> Since November 1998.
> >  Objectives and innovation: By programming and cooperation make sure that
> > all aspects and subjects of education in a school of ages 6-15 are covered
> > by good high wuality software and documentation of usage.
> >  User profile: <15

If Doug wants 5-18, then this should get reflected here too?

> >  Number of users (approximate) interacting with the project each month:
> > 51-200?
> This is hard to figure.  If it means those actively posting to the
> mailing list, I'd have to put it at ~20.  If it means those subscribed
> to the list, it's probably about 175.  If it's all that plus those

There are 198 people subscribed to seul-edu currently.

> visiting our website, reading the (brand new) weekly reports, and
> visiting our supported projects, it's probably way over that.  Use your
> best judgement on this.