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Re: [seul-edu] FWD: The Stockholm Challenge Award

Fredrik Liljegren wrote:

>  ..Looking at the entry form I propose the following:
>  Project name: SEUL/edu
>  Organisation: SEUL
>  Project co-ordinator: Doug Loss?

You may use me as that, although I think of what I do more as
cheerleader and general irritant.

>  Web-address: www.seul.org/edu
>  Category: Education
>  Description (1 sentence): Development and collection of educational
> software for Linux.
>  Brief project summary: We have a good deal of easy-to-use educational
> software for school of ages 6-15, as well as some home educational
> applications free of charge, like the whole system.

Make the ages here and below 5-18.  That should cover the range from
kindergarten through 12+ years of primary and secondary schooling.  Or
perhaps we should just say something like, "below university age."

>  Since when is the project implemented and running?    ????

Since November 1998.

>  Objectives and innovation: By programming and cooperation make sure that
> all aspects and subjects of education in a school of ages 6-15 are covered
> by good high wuality software and documentation of usage.
>  User profile: <15
>  Target gender: 50/50
>  Interest: ?end consumer?

If this means who is interested in this project, try schools below
university level and parents of students in those schools.  If of course
we get to write something like that rather than choosing from some list.

>  Geographical focus: global
>  Number of users (approximate) interacting with the project each month:
> 51-200?

This is hard to figure.  If it means those actively posting to the
mailing list, I'd have to put it at ~20.  If it means those subscribed
to the list, it's probably about 175.  If it's all that plus those
visiting our website, reading the (brand new) weekly reports, and
visiting our supported projects, it's probably way over that.  Use your
best judgement on this.

>  How often does the typical user interact with the project? several times
> per week?

Again, it depends on the definition of "typical user."

>  Describe how users interact with the project:  Use of software and
> educational HOWTO's.

Since SEUL/edu is pretty much a user-run project, let's say discussion
of project in all its aspects, and design, creation, and use of software
and documentation to help make Linux a desirable operating system in

>  Are there any partners involved in your project: no? (Well, the wholde
> linux community, but no specific?)

What are partners?  Since we're user-run, we don't make the distinction
between providers and consumers.  If partners means commercial partners,
then no.  Perhaps we could include (with their permission)
OpenClassroom, Red Escolar, GUILDE, etc., but that's sort of a stretch.

>  Results:  Anyone?

Design and release of scholastic administrative and pedagogical software
and documentation for Linux.  Many of our efforts are just now nearing
initial release.

>  Sustainability: >6 years (updates are free)
>  Approximate total budget: <10 000 USD
>  Source of funding:  other (or SEUL?)

Is "none" an option?

>  Project economically self sufficient now? Yes
>   ...since: allways!?

Say, "since its inception."
I'll try to look at the website and see if I can think of anything
else.  My upbringing wouldn't allow me to submit this myself, as I was
always taught that "by your acts shall you be known,"  meaning don't
blow the horn for yourself.  But I'm be glad if you would submit it,
Fredrik.  Thanks!

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