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RE: [seul-edu] FWD: The Stockholm Challenge Award

> It occured to me that this could be good publicity for open 
> source/free
> software projetcs. The competiton is open to submissions from 
> all over the world.

> Why not flood them a little bit, with good non-proprietary 
> submissions since
> they want to "offer you the chance to take part in a global sharing of
> knowledge". Participation is free.

> the site is:   www.challenge.stockholm.se

I think this is a good idea, since they have a special section for
education.  In the SEUL/edu we have a large project that involves many
people and aims to get a high quality educational system to schools and all
who wants educational software at no or low cost!  I'll loos into exactly
what information is needed..

 ..Looking at the entry form I propose the following:

 Project name: SEUL/edu
 Organisation: SEUL
 Project co-ordinator: Doug Loss?
 Web-address: www.seul.org/edu
 Category: Education
 Description (1 sentence): Development and collection of educational
software for Linux.
 Brief project summary: We have a good deal of easy-to-use educational
software for school of ages 6-15, as well as some home educational
applications free of charge, like the whole system.
 Since when is the project implemented and running?    ????
 Objectives and innovation: By programming and cooperation make sure that
all aspects and subjects of education in a school of ages 6-15 are covered
by good high wuality software and documentation of usage.
 User profile: <15
 Target gender: 50/50
 Interest: ?end consumer?
 Geographical focus: global
 Number of users (approximate) interacting with the project each month:
 How often does the typical user interact with the project? several times
per week?
 Describe how users interact with the project:  Use of software and
educational HOWTO's.
 Are there any partners involved in your project: no? (Well, the wholde
linux community, but no specific?)
 Results:  Anyone?
 Sustainability: >6 years (updates are free)
 Approximate total budget: <10 000 USD
 Source of funding:  other (or SEUL?)
 Project economically self sufficient now? Yes
  ...since: allways!?

.. etc etc...
  The implemented part is the only thing we could need some real
information.. Since I don't read all here; just glance thru the
subject-lines and probably miss much, I don't know which users we have..
Anyone else?

What do you think; it would be a great step to publically acceptance to get
that award!

Regards, EOF