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RE: [seul-edu] FWD: The Stockholm Challenge Award

> >  Since when is the project implemented and running?    ????

> Since November 1998.

> >  Number of users (approximate) interacting with the project 
> > each month: 51-200?

> This is hard to figure.  If it means those actively posting to the
> mailing list, I'd have to put it at ~20.  If it means those subscribed
> to the list, it's probably about 175.  If it's all that plus those
> visiting our website, reading the (brand new) weekly reports, and
> visiting our supported projects, it's probably way over that. 

> >  How often does the typical user interact with the project? 
> > several times per week?

> Again, it depends on the definition of "typical user."

I really think these questions are about the end users, not developers.

What I don't know is what schools use our programs?  And that is what you
have to know before you can fill out that form..

> >  Results:  Anyone?

> Design and release of scholastic administrative and 
> pedagogical software
> and documentation for Linux.  Many of our efforts are just now nearing
> initial release.

Yes, but have we got any educational results?  Anyone learned anything? :-)

> I'll try to look at the website and see if I can think of anything
> else.  My upbringing wouldn't allow me to submit this myself, as I was
> always taught that "by your acts shall you be known,"  meaning don't
> blow the horn for yourself.  But I'm be glad if you would submit it,

Well, you'll not blow any horns for yourself, but for the whole project, and
the whole community of GNU/Linux and free software..

Regards, EOF