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[seul-edu] Entry for The Stockholm Challenge Award

I entered pretty much what Fredrik listed for all of the fields he

In response to the question, "What can others learn from your project?"
I wrote:

They can learn how a community of individuals from around the world with
a special interest can collaborate to make their desires into reality. 
The most important thing about SEUL/edu is that many people felt a need
for what we're doing, but didn't think they could do it alone.  Now
we've joined together and, each contributing his or her own part, we're
accomplishing things none of us could by ourselves.

For, "What were the major barriers or challenges in your project?" I

The inherent conservatism of school administrators.  While what we're
proposing will save them money in the long run and will allow them to
tailor the use of computers more closely to their curricula, we're
perceived as new and untested and therefore risky.  Advocacy is one of
our major thrusts for 2000.

For, "Describe in short your plans and desires for your project," I

We want Linux and open source software to be able to do anything desired
in a scholastic setting.  To that end we're working on programs that
fill some holes in what's available for Linux, and documents to make
installing, configuring, and using Linux (and our software) easier for

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