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Re: [seul-edu] SLIS and Guilde'Educ projects in Grenoble

Jean-Pierre Demailly wrote:
> Another even more important action is the SLIS project by the CARMI (Internet
> management Office in Grenoble). The SLIS project has developped a piece
> of Linux software, designed to automate the maintenance of Linux servers in
> Educational Institutions (through modem connections with a centralized
> maintenance site). Right now, more than 300 institutions are connected in the
> Grenoble area with the SLIS technology. Check:
>     http://www.ac-grenoble.fr/carmi-internet/slis/

I'm very interested in this, but my French is very bad (almost
non-existent).  Could you give us a general idea of how SLIS works, and
if it's applicable to school systems outside of France?  Thanks!

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