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[seul-edu] SEUL/edu usefullness today - document discussion

On the irc today (cran.seul.org:7776#seul) we discussed VA Linux and
distributing linux to schools etc, and Roger (arma) asked me if I would like
to write a document about how it could be used today, what kind of system a
school could have and what they would use it for.

That is an interresting thought, and I did a small version of that last
sommer in swedish, while searhing for schools wanting to pay me for my hobby
:-) (I allmost found one, when I got an employment-offer I couldn't
refuse...)  Well, anyway I thought that such a document would be great to
have on the SEUL/edu webpage, to give people an understanding of how they
could actually use it.  Some screenshots are allways a very good thing and a
couple of example settings of administration, client/server, user accounts,
stand-alone computers in classrooms etc...

To do this I would need help from you all.  You with usefull applications,
and absolutely the ones who use this at a school or have contacts with those
who do.. otherwise most of it will be pure speculations.
  As I understand it, it will still need a linux technician to set up the
system? There are no step-by-step descriptions or programs taking you
through the choices yet?  I know there aren't debian-packages for all
applications yet anyway... and in some time, we will need some form of easy
setup for clients and standalones.

I know we discussed a list of software a while ago, featuring everything a
school would need, or something like that.  What became of that list, is it
in the HOWTO-project or something, or only in the mailinglist archive?

Regards, EOF

PS: Please leave the subject line unchanged, so I don't accidentally delete
the comments while going thru the discussions..DS.