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[seul-edu] [Fwd: [Seul] LinuxWorld Expo...]

Roger R Dingledine wrote:
> > Do you have a banner ?
> > If not let me know asap, what you want on it.
> No banner yet.
> >       Eugene
> Doug: can you give some thought to a banner, and contact Eugene if you
> come up with anything? (Feel free to get seul-edu or seul-pub involved if
> you think that would be useful.)

This is from Eugene Clements with MandrakeSoft, who offered us an
incredible deal on sharing space at LinuxWorld Expo in New York on Feb.
1-4.  It was just too tight for us to pull anything together for
SEUL/edu, but three of the folks from the Linux KnowledgeBase project
<http://www.linuxkb.org> are going to go and represent both their
project and SEUL as a whole.  As you see, Mandrake has offered to make a
banner for us, but it's only two weeks till the Expo opens.  If we're to
do this, we have to come up with a SEUL logo for the banner *darned*
fast.  You all know what I posted about a SEUL/edu logo, so you know
where I stand on such things.  Collette, could you get us some possible
SEUL logo designs very quickly?  I'd really appreciate it.  And of
course, anyone else may take a turn at logo design.  I don't want to
just grab something at random for a banner, only to find it doesn't work
very well for us, but we really don't have much time for contemplation

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