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[seul-edu] X-Terminal app server specs

It looks as though my Macintosh X-Terminal lab project is
finally going to get off the ground.  I've secured the donation
of 7 Mac Quadra 650s with monitors, with a good possibility of 5
more, and a 24-port hub to support them and an application
server.  I have a pretty clear idea of how I want to set
everything up, but I'd like some recommendations on sizing the
application server all of these X-Terms will connect to.  It
will have to be a PC, since it's the only big ticket item the
community center will have to buy and PCs are the best bang for
the buck.  How much RAM should I plan on to properly support 7
(and possibly 12 eventually) simultaneous users?  How much hard
drive space should I plan on?  I expect that will depend on the
number of accounts and how much space I plan to allow for each. 
How fast of a processor is reasonable?

I look forward to your advice.

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