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[seul-edu] Linux based Library system

Hi all,

Im not sure whether this has been posted to the list before. If it has
please forgive me posting it again.

I was involved in a team of ppl that worked on an opensource
library/collection management system, called koha.

"Koha is a library and collection management system. It is designed to
manage physical collections of items (books, CD's,
videos, reference, etc.). It provides cataloguing, searching,
member/patron management, an acqusitions system, and
circulation (issues, returns and reserves). Circulation is handled with
a full screen curses interface, and the rest of the
system is Web based."

Koha has been released under the gpl and is available for download.
Http://www.koha.org has more information on it.

Active development on it is still in progress, and I would welcome any
criticism, suggestions, programming help :-)