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Re: [Fwd: Re: Re: [seul-edu] Perl for 9th graders]]

on 1/23/01 7:10 PM, nbarne - Nathan Barnes at nbarne@acxiom.com wrote:

> Such a great idea, in fact, that someone has already had it.  %^)
> I installed Python and poked around in the libraries today.  There is a
> 'turtle' class buried and undocumented deep in the Tkinter libraries.  I
> have played with it a bit, and it's pretty keen.
> From an open Python session, this should display a demo of the class:
> from turtle import *
> demo()
> All that it lacks is documentation.  It's easy enough for a programmer who
> has seen Tk before to go through the code and figure out what it is doing,
> though.
> Since it's Python/Tk, it is probably even portable to non GNU/Linux systems.
There is the Alice project, which is freely distributed, although not open
source, unless I'm mistaken, and it runs only on Windows.  Although I think
the next version will be java, and they work with Guido (the creator of
Python) on his CPFE (Computer Programming for Everyone) project.

Anyway, Alice is a 3D environment which uses python for scripting.  It can
at times really feel like 3D logo.  Check it out at