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Re: [seul-edu] Teacher's Web Pages


This past weekend I had to attend a Bay Area teacher's conference held
at the San Lorenzo Adult School. There were about 100 teachers from all
over the Bay area, and we had vendors showing their wares. I understand
they have this once a year all over California. 

I wish to share what I consider a good thing I learned at the
conference, and perhaps some programmers could do the same with Linux.

Many teachers do not have the time nor the expertise to make class
exercises or class web pages. Well, here is a web site that lets you do
it, and is very easy to use. Just register and you can follow the
direccions to make class exercises and class web pages. the site is:


here is a game that I did in about 10 minutes:

I also got to re-aquaint myself with Computer Using Educators ,