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I'm forwarding this to the list in case anyone here is near enough to
Philadephia and working on something like this to take advantage of Dan's offer.

Killingsworth Daniel wrote:

> Hi Doug!
> I am mostly interested in diskless terminal deployments for schools, so if
> there are any groups working on this (using LTSC or otherwise), I would love
> to contribute.
> Thanks-
> /Dan
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> From: Doug Loss [mailto:drloss@suscom.net]
> Sent: Friday, December 21, 2001 12:39 PM
> To: Killingsworth Daniel
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> Killingsworth Daniel wrote:
> >
> > My name is Dan Killingsworth, and I have read about your work to bring
> open
> > source to schools on Slashdot. I am a LAN manager for an international
> > corporation, and would like to help with this project by donating some
> time
> > and expertise. I work out of Philadelphia, but my in-laws are local to you
> > in Berwick, so when I heard that you were operating out of Bloomsburg, I
> > thought this would be a great opportunity to add to a project that I view
> as
> > valuable, because my wife, mother, sister, aunt, and uncle are all
> > educators, and I know the technical challenges they face in their
> respective
> > schools. If there is somewhere that you have a need in this project,
> please
> > let me know- my experience includes...
> >
> Hi, Dan!  I'm actually in South Williamsport, but I work at Bloomsburg
> University.  Schoolforge is actually a coalition of various groups that
> are working on furthering the use of free/open source resources in
> education.  The member groups are where most of the actual development
> work is being done.  If you can give me some more detailed idea of what
> you'd like to work on, I'm sure I can direct you to a Schoolforge member
> that can make use of your abilities.

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