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[seul-edu] A plea for more media contacts

If you want Schoolforge's launch to succeed, you need to take a moment to help 
out. We're preparing a press release for our launch, which fast approaches. 
However, most of the names on our media list are in the Linux/open source media 
world. This might be fine if we were only launching an open source project, but 
we're doing more than that: we're trying to attract mainstream *and* educational 
press attention.

Those of you who are teachers will subscribe to a few educational journals and 
newsletters. Please take a moment to dust off your most reecent issues, and look 
for contact information, especially email addresses. Forward that information to 
me or to Doug or Les for inclusion in our media database. We need to know, at a 
minimum: Contact name (if you have one), Publication name (or simply 
"journalist" if your contact is an independent writer you want us to reach) and 
email address. Additional information (address, phone number, fax) is also much 

Also, take a look at your local or national newspaper or magazine. Look for 
Education Editors, Technology Editors, or the like. The more we can reach, the 
more likely we will be to gain a critical mass of new volunteers and interested 
  teachers and administrators.

Thanks for your time and energy!