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Re: [seul-edu] A plea for more media contacts

Le Jeudi 3 Janvier 2002 23:45, William Abernathy a écrit :
> If you want Schoolforge's launch to succeed, you need to take a moment to
> help out. We're preparing a press release for our launch, which fast
> approaches. However, most of the names on our media list are in the
> Linux/open source media world. This might be fine if we were only launching
> an open source project, but we're doing more than that: we're trying to
> attract mainstream *and* educational press attention.

I am a Belgian, involved in the use of free software in a primary school in 
Belgian, and I know some journalists who could relate the information.

> Those of you who are teachers will subscribe to a few educational journals
> and newsletters. Please take a moment to dust off your most reecent issues,
> and look for contact information, especially email addresses. Forward that
> information to me or to Doug or Les for inclusion in our media database. We
> need to know, at a minimum: Contact name (if you have one), Publication
> name (or simply "journalist" if your contact is an independent writer you
> want us to reach) and email address. Additional information (address, phone
> number, fax) is also much appreciated.

I will send you these info, but please take care that these people would most 
probably appreciate a note in FRENCH. 

Please note that I am ready to translate a PR from English to French if this 
can help.

Is there a form trusted people can fill of a preferred format to send you 
these information (to save your time to retype all these in the database) ?

Best regards,


Nicolas Pettiaux
Avenue du Pérou 29
B-1000 Brussels