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[seul-edu] Beta 3 Press Release -- Can we call it a rap?

Hi, I can explain my reasons for suggesting an alternative paragraph [in
response to astroboy].

This is actually relevant to many off-lists discussions where I've called
for the Web site to remain a coalition's hub rather than becoming a
super resource in its own right. That wouldn't serve all the members or be
in the spirit of collaboration. So, I thought it best to find a way to
speak of the range of resources available. I'm sorry you found it vague. I
wold be glad if someone (you?) would suggest a good compromise. I think
the point I'm making is important.

[seul-edu] Re: Beta 3 Press Release -- Can we call it a rap?
From: "Astroboy" <astroboy@linuxfreemail.com>
 To: seul-edu@seul.org
 Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2002 18:21:28 -0800

I like better the original text of this paragraph:

"Visitors to Schoolforge.net are invited to review our case study
files from SEUL/edu (http://richtech.ca/seul/casedex.html), including
successful free software deployments in schools from Pasco,
Washington to New York City, from Zacatecas, Mexico, to Aldgate, South
Australia. In addition to these technological successes..." (notice I
added the URL)

Why it is better than "Visitors to Schoolforge.net will find links to
SEUL/edu's successful case studies from around the world..."? I think
because the PR is targeted to people who knows very little of
technology and/or nothing about Linux or Open Source. Is like the
original paragraph says between lines:

"This is a real, down to earth success. You see, there are already
schools, concrete and material ones, who use Linux. You don't believe
it? check the URL, see and write about the experiences of schools in
Washington, New York, Zacatecas and Aldgate, for example... there are
even more if you click on the URL"

The new redaction talks about a very vague and abstract notion about
"schools around the world"... I think is better to direct some
neophyte eyes to some notorious examples.... Besides, I like the force
that gives the mention of 4 distant points in the world, as saying
"This is an universal project, made by the effort of small schools,
small points of light in the world" Oh, boy...