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[seul-edu] Presentation: Janus Sandsgaard

> We invite you to send a brief introduction of yourself to the list, so
> we can keep track of what resources we have available and who our
> audience is.

Hi there. My name is Janus Sandsgard and I just want to make a small 
presentation of my self. I am 28 years old and a student of social science at 
Roskilde University. I belong to “International Development Studies” and 
“Department of Social Science, Technology and Environment”. Besides studying 
I work in the Danish Board of Technology. Also I have a daughter:


I have been a Linux user for some years and I am here on this list because I 
am writing a book about using Linux at university at non-technical 
educations. Focus is to demonstrate the basics for using Linux for writing 
reports with cross references, indexes, tables, figures etc. The book will 
therefore focus on KDE, OpenOffice.org, LyX and BibTex. The book is written 
for newbies in a non-technical language focusing on some good recommendations  
rather than confusing the reader with 10 ways of doing everything. :-)

The books is currently only in Danish and still in the making:


Is is written in DocBook/XML and published as html, pdf, Palm etc.


My baby daughter loves Linux!