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Re: [seul-edu] Language to teach 10 year olds

This is somewhat on topic, I suppose.  In talking about programming
languages suitable for 10 year olds to develop math apps for younger
kids, we've mentioned Logo, MetaCard, and SmallTalk (among others)
for their visual presentation, which might be less imposing
initially to these students.  There's another candidate to consider:


This is Visual Tcl.  It's features include:

               * 100% pure Tcl/Tk. No external libraries required.
               * Extensible widget and geometry manager support.
               * Create compound widgets and widget libraries.
               * GUI interface for most aspects of Tcl/Tk
               * Support for user images and fonts in your project.
               * Imports pre-existing Tcl/Tk code.
               * Built-in support for widget toolkits including:
              Widgets], BLT, TkTable
               * Visual Tcl features new ready-to-use widgets: combo
              multicolumn listbox, progress bar
               * Predefined compounds available including scrolled
              scrolled listbox, scrolled canvas, horizontal and
               * Exports Tclets which run in Netscape/MSIE.
               * Support for freewrap. Generate binaries for Windows

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