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[seul-edu] continued bouncing mail

I am aware that many folks are getting mailbombed in proportion to the
amount of mail they have posted to the list.  I apologize, and there is
nothing more I can do other than complain.  I would suggest, at this time,
that the emails *all* be forwarded to Support@slip.net individually if
possible.  I think if you *bomb* them with the barrage of mail you have
recieved, it may get them to do something.  Last night was the third day,
and I do not know how much longer this will continue.

One of the list managers has recommended using a Kline to fix the problem.
I would suggest that anyone getting these bounces may wish to send a
complaint detaining what is happening to their upstream ISP.  Here is an
expalination of Kline from that list manager. (the list is from a Linux
Distribution beta program, so this is big time to them)

In the meantime i will be changing my email address to brk@linuxhelpers.org,
which will soon be hosted on my personal servers.  THEN you will be able to
complain to ME about these issues, and I will be able to fix them.

Regards, Bill

> > Maybe you could try an account at linuxfreemail.com until they have it
> > fixed. The IS Team here looked at it, determined it was not our problem,
> > and started talking about a Kline.
> >
> > Civileme
> Thanks for the response.
> Ok, help me here please.  What is a Kline?

Denial of domain.  All packets from domain will be dropped, at least on all
ports except 80.  No decision has been made at this time, but the word has
been mentioned.

> I will be shifting mail around, but not until I get my mailserver up and
> stable. In the meantime, please send direct mail to me at
> brk@linuxhelper.org. Thanks, and I hope to be up an d runing soon.