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Re: [seul-edu] Language to teach 10 year olds

> I can't believe what I'm reading.
> What is the purpose of school?
To give understanding as opposed to wrote knowledge.  If a student understands
the concepts behind programing, and learns them in one particular language
very well, moving to another language is quite easy.  If on the other hand
if you teach them how to do things in a particular language, but do not 
focus underlying concepts and practices, then 20 years from now just about
any language you taught them may be usesles.

Its simular to the way mathematics is generally taught.  Many people teach
essentially a recipe book of formulas (that would be concentrating only
on a trade worthy language but not for understanding), instead of trying 
to get the students to actually understand the mathematics (teaching the 
concepts of programing).  The latter method will emphasize proofs while 
not neglecting the rigor of learning the formulas (teach the concepts but 
actually make them implement them).  The end result is you have a student
that is adaptable, rather than one who is trapped in the paradigms they
were taught.  Better to generate your own paradigms (in other words create
your own models as best meet your situations) than to be stuck in ones
that you yourself do not understand and may not match the problem you
are dealing with.

> That said, wouldn't it be more appropriate to teach our young people
> languages that they will actually *use* when they leave school?
Not necessary.  Especially the younger you teach them...james