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[seul-edu] Some discoveries

I just came across these sites:


They're in Italian, which I don't speak, but they seem to be
about using Linux in education.  Could some Italophone members
of the mailing list take a look at them and let us know your

Also, FSF Eurpoe has started up an education mailing list, which
you can join and read the archives from here:


I've noticed that we see significantly less content from our
European members in the last few months.  Is that because of the
split (amicable though it was) between OFSET and SEUL/edu that
occurred back when OFSET was formed?  At any rate, I think it
would be a good idea if any seul-edu mailing list members who
would feel comfortable doing so would also subscribe to this
mailing list, so we can keep both lists apprised of interesting
and important information that one may find before the other. 
But no chip-on-the-shoulder, our-way-or-the-highway messages,
please.  While our approach to educational software for Linux is
more pragmatic than theirs, their position is fully as valid as
ours.  OK?

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