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[seul-edu] Tux Typing 1.0pre1 Released!

We are pleased to announce our 1.0pre1 release of Tux Typing! This is a
testing release before our official 1.0 stable release. Please report any
troubles or problems to our developmental mailing list.

Major changes since 0.9:
	* Preliminary theme/internationalization support
	* Fixed mem-alloc problem w/ MSVC++ binaries
		(will also help Linux & BeOS versions)
	* Added optional alpha transparency support for
		emphasis of slow-falling words
	* Fixed rect clipping blit problem
	* Other bugfixes & code cleanup

Tux Typing's Homepage:

Tux Typing's Download/Mirror Page:

Please note that the theme/internationalization support is still very
preliminary! We will not be fully supporting it until after our 1.0 release.
However, we do have some internationalization themes already done which you
can use. Presently we have themes for French, Dansk, and American Sign
Language (ASL). These themes can be found on our themes page at:

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