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[seul-edu] Fwd: hangman game for school

I just received this message from a teacher in Germany.  Could some
of you give his program a try and let us know what you think of it?
And could some of you German members of this list contact Herr
Georges and see if we can bring him into the fold with us?  The more
members, the merrier!

> hello doug loss,
> i'm teacher in a german school,
> for my daily work i wrote a little java-application,
> it's a game like hangman
> but in contrast to other hangman games, the teacher can define libraries on
> his own, for example the latest french vocabularies.
> may be it's interesting for your list.
> i've got no homepage, so i send it as an attachement, sorry for this
> gruesse aus dortmund
> jochen georges

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