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Re: [seul-edu] Staff development online registration app

I've been hunting for a summer job lately, and most temp agencies do have
programs like this.  They sit you down in front of a computer, select a few
tests from the list (in my case it was Word, Excel, PPt) and the software
prints out a report when you're done.  There was a 30 min time limit for
each test.  I was very impressed with the quality of the testing software.
For example, for the Word test, you are presented with the regular Microsoft
Word window, and a pop-up box describes your task/question.  The questions
range from mind-numbing ("open a file called report.doc in the current
directory") to completely unfamiliar to me ("make the current document the
primary document in a mail merge").  However, because you basically have
Word right in front of you, you can figure those out just by hunting through
the menus.  The software detects when you've done what it asked for, and
tells you you're wrong if you click anywhere else.

Here's some links from google:


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> This summer I just finished putting together a Technology Plan for our
> school.  One of the big issues is staff development and hiring based on
> computer proficiency skills.  I talked to someone that used a part time
> agency one time and she said that they have a computer program that asks
> to demonstrate a wide variety of skills on the computer.  It would then
> print out a report on what sort of computer proficiency the person has for
> the people running the test.
> Has anyone run across and used a program like this?
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