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[seul-edu] CIPA and Linux (meeting compliancy w/ SQUID)]

One option for CIPA compliance as a last resort would be to use a
"comercial app" running on NT as the "filter", and then use boxes around
it running squid and SquidGuard.  This would force all trafic thru
squidguard, and through the comercial filter.  The filter would only have
to filter once, as most hits would be in the squid cache.

Lets say you have 20 school.  Put a small squid/squidGuard box at every
school.  Put a VERY large NT box at the main outbound connection site.
Setup the squidboxes to only use the NT box as a peer, and no direct
outbound connects.

This would work until we are able to fully meet CIPA with
Linux/Squid/SquidGuard, and it would keep the NT box from getting so
overloaded it dies.

TUSD here in Tucson AZ uses websence, and the NT box goes down about 2-5
times/week.  They have 104 schools running through it directly.  Corbett
has a squidguard box forwarding to the NT box.  Overall load from corbett
is less than 1/30th what it would be without the squid box.


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