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RE: [seul-edu] ISO eval request

I've just had a look at DETA, which deals with multisite video/whiteboard
conferencing online.

It seems to require MBONE access: are many schools that
lucky?  I'm fairly sure that I'm not.  It requires, unless I'm
mistaken, physical access to a small-ish sub network of the internet,
which costs a fair bit to set up.

I think that this idea is great, but it's going to have to work
over the vanilla net (in the UK, at least) in the foreseeable future.

So, I'd argue that it's not really relevant to the seul-edu ISO, as it
wouldn't be that useful for the large majority, if not all, of schools
because it's MBONE specific.


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> So far, I've only received one response to my request for looking at the 
> 8 apps I listed on Monday.  That was from Jim Thomas (thanks, Jim!) for 
> alumni-online, and he found it not ready for scholastic use.  Folks, I 
> really need you to take some time and help out here!  If you're not 
> going to put out this minimal effort we might as well just scrap the 
> whole ISO project, as I don't feel I'm competent to eval all these apps 
> myself (not being directly involved in K12 education).  I think we can 
> create something valuable, important, and much-needed here, but it won't 
> happen without some work from us.  I've tried to set things up so people 
> can contribute at whatever level they'd like, without having to dedicate 
> major portions of their time to this, but I'm not seeing much of 
> anything.  Come on, folks, show me that this project means something to 
> you!  Look at the apps in this message 
> <http://archives.seul.org/seul/edu/Apr-2003/msg00054.html> and geve us 
> your opinions.  If I still get no response, I'll have to think seriously 
> about abandoning the ISO project entirely.
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