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[seul-edu] NECC and OSEF Knoppix for kids CDs


We have talked about this on the list before...

I will be going to NECC and will bring with me the custom OSEF knoppix
for kids CDs.  I am going to be going to "press" with the CD in late
may, and should be releasing a beta in about a week and a half.

I need an estimate on the number of CDs we will be able to hand out.

I can do 5,000 for about $0.80 each, and 10,000 $0.70 each.  This is
with 5 color full process printing on the CD, and a full color cardboard
envelope, sealed with a piece of tape at the end.  I went through about
500 at LinuxWorld NY, and could have gone through about 1,000 if I had
them.  I intend this duplication to last for LinuxWorld SF in August as
well (it will be a tiny bit out of date then, but not too much.

Also would anyone here be against, or in favor, of OSEF going after a
grant from LinuxFund.org to support (in full or in part) the cost of
duplication.  We would probably have to put a linux fund log on the CD


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