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Re: [seul-edu] NECC and OSEF Knoppix for kids CDs

If you have the CD's displayed at our K12LTSP email garden you'll be
able to give out even more. My kids will be roaming the convention
center in white lab coats covered with penguins with big lettering that
says "As me for free software!" They can give out CD's too.

There will be 10,000+ teachers at NECC. Not all will come and see us but
I'm sure you could give away 1000 cd's. We'll come in the door with a
couple of hundred (each k12ltsp set is 3 CD-Roms) and will have a cd
burner there at the show with kids on duty to make more as needed.

We've used Linuxfund.org to great effect. We targeted our gift from them
for promotion and use it to buy materials for CD's to give away at
conferences. We do have "funded by linuxfund.org" on our disks. We're
happy to do that.

;-) Paul

On Mon, 2003-05-05 at 15:13, Harry McGregor wrote:
> Hi,
> We have talked about this on the list before...
> I will be going to NECC and will bring with me the custom OSEF knoppix
> for kids CDs.  I am going to be going to "press" with the CD in late
> may, and should be releasing a beta in about a week and a half.
> I need an estimate on the number of CDs we will be able to hand out.
> I can do 5,000 for about $0.80 each, and 10,000 $0.70 each.  This is
> with 5 color full process printing on the CD, and a full color cardboard
> envelope, sealed with a piece of tape at the end.  I went through about
> 500 at LinuxWorld NY, and could have gone through about 1,000 if I had
> them.  I intend this duplication to last for LinuxWorld SF in August as
> well (it will be a tiny bit out of date then, but not too much.
> Also would anyone here be against, or in favor, of OSEF going after a
> grant from LinuxFund.org to support (in full or in part) the cost of
> duplication.  We would probably have to put a linux fund log on the CD
> label.
> 			Harry
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