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Re: [seul-edu] NECC and OSEF Knoppix for kids CDs

On Mon, 2003-05-05 at 16:05, pnelson wrote:
> If you have the CD's displayed at our K12LTSP email garden you'll be
> able to give out even more.

I would love to have them setup at the email garden.  Will K12LTSP be
the main email garden, or an extra?  Talking with friends that go
regularly, Apple has done it for years.  Also when would be good for me
to fly up?  I don't mind helping with setup at all.

> My kids will be roaming the convention
> center in white lab coats covered with penguins with big lettering that
> says "As me for free software!" They can give out CD's too.

Sounds GREAT.  I look forward to seeing you at the show.

One of the aspects of OSEF we are trying to promote as much as possible
is consulting and instruction for technical staff.  Many school
districts have staff that are quite capable of running proper linux
based networks, if they only had a little bit of training.

> There will be 10,000+ teachers at NECC. Not all will come and see us but
> I'm sure you could give away 1000 cd's.

Do you think we can give away 5K? 10K? 15K?

I am looking at about $4,000USD to do 5K CDs, and about $7,000 USD to do
10K CDs.  If I can't put together a linux fund proposal, I will be doing
this out of pocket (personal funds donated to OSEF), I can probably pull
of the $7K without a problem, but I need to know if we can get a good
hit ratio with them.

>  We'll come in the door with a
> couple of hundred (each k12ltsp set is 3 CD-Roms) and will have a cd
> burner there at the show with kids on duty to make more as needed.

I can bring blanks for you as well, and my laptop has a CDR if needed, I
also have firewire CDs around the office.  I did the burn and label
thing at Linux World, NY... Never again... I has a 48x drive, and 16x
drive going full time all days, and predid over 300 CDs, and could not
keep up with demand...

> We've used Linuxfund.org to great effect. We targeted our gift from them
> for promotion and use it to buy materials for CD's to give away at
> conferences. We do have "funded by linuxfund.org" on our disks. We're
> happy to do that.

Sounds good, I will see if I can contact them, and work on details. 
Being a 501(c)3 will probably help with this.


> ;-) Paul

Harry McGregor, CEO, Co-Founder
Hmcgregor@osef.org, (520) 661-7875 (CELL)
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