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[seul-edu] ISO evals--what happened?

Folks, we were off to a great start with the first group of apps I posted for eval last Monday. There were still some that needed to be looked at, but things seemed to be moving along. I posted a second list last Friday <http://archives.seul.org/seul/edu/May-2003/msg00012.html>, which got no responses at all. I really don't like to continue harping on this, but if we're not going to actually do the necessary (easy and quick) work on this we might as well cancel the ISO project. I can't do it alone, and if there's no committment beyond me for it it's probably best to end it cleanly rather than to let it limp along.

I don't want to end it, as I feel it's a *very* good idea. But we all need to help out on this!

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