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Re: K-8 Cur

The meeting with the teacher is rescheduled for tomorrow. However I did get
answers to all of the questions.

>Is the curriculum a local policy or based on a national model?

It is a local guideline and the individual teacher choices the software the
teacher feels best implements it in their situation. This sounds great. It
would seem that one could work at the single teacher level. I will try to dig
into it deeper tomorrow.

>From Doug's and Micah's posts I'll ask about the following:

>Kid Writer (a word processor for kids that allows them to create simple
pictures and then to write down stories about them).

Didn't ring a bell. She said Kid Works. I've got to recheck this.

>At Ease (simplified user interface for kids).

She said not used.

>Drill and practice software for spelling and arithmetic.

Interesting. She said they try not to. Prefer to teach word processing and
graphic skills. This was Bill's experience. I wonder if they feel spelling and
arithmetic can be better taught without the computer. Word processing is
important for essays, homework, internet,etc. I will have to dig deeper on
this also.

>I don't know where  it came from but I have a note that says (Power Point or
Magic Point early development). What is it?

She did not know anything about this and I don't know where it came from.

>Easy to use authoring tools for teachers similar to HyperCard,
HyperStudio, ToolBook, etc.

She said HyperStudio has replaced HyperCard but she doesn't use them.

>Administrative tools such as gradebooks, facilities schedulers, etc.

She said this type of thing is used but didn't really elaborate. I'm going to
ask, if you could have any software you want what would you ask for.

>"Edutainment" programs such as Oregon Trail, Where in the World is
Carmen SanDiego, etc.

She said these programs are big with kids but felt they were better for kids
to use at home. Maybe we need to ask the kids what software do they want to

Anyway I'll get another chance tomorrow. If anyone has any questions they want
me to ask just say so.