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Re: LinuxPPC in education?

EAMorical@aol.com wrote:
> Doug, this is interesting. All the teachers here think the old apples need to
> be replaced. PPC is this like the iMac everyone is talking about. Awhile back,
> I did a survey of the neighbors and there were more Macs than PCs. Dual
> booting the PPC is interesting. Run the old software as well as some Linux
> software. Maybe this is pointing us in the direction of writting a killer app.
> something they just must have.

After looking into it a bit, I think I have a handle on Linux on
Macintoshes.  Jeff, if I get this wrong correct me, OK?  If you have a
PowerPC chip based Mac with a PCI bus you can use LinuxPPC.  If you have
a PowerPC Mac with a NuBus (and perhaps with other buses, I don't know)
you need MkLinux.  If you have a Motorola 68xxx based Mac you need Linux
m68k.  I'm sure there are hardware compatibility documents at the
websites for these respective distributions.  I don't know just which
Linux (if any) will run on an iMac.  If none do now I'm sure one will

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