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LITC Site has been updated and Installfest


	I have updated the LITC site. It now has a resources(link) section. I
probably left a bunch out, but I decided that 3 hours straight working
on it was enough for the night. If you think I should add something just
send me an email. I havent started on the volunteer list or schools list
yet. I may start tonight, who knows. What do you guys think about a
banner ad? Should I put one up? I hate banner ads, but its a way to get
money. I figure I should at least put up a banner ad before I submit to
Freshmeat and Slashdot about the site. That way I can at least pull in
some money from the hits they would generate, the ad doesnt have to be
clicked on. I would like to use this money to buy an official copy of
RedHat 5.2, I just have a burned cd of it. Another thing, is december a
bad time for an installfest? Should I wait until January? Thanks.
Jeff Knox

/President of Elite Technologies                          /
/Beta Testing and Public Relations Coordinator for ReactOS/
/"Things only happen to others until they happen to us"   /