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Edutainment (was Re: K-8 Cur)

Micah Yoder wrote:
> Anyway, Oregon Trail and Carmen Sandiego are great programs that
> shouldn't be *too* hard to implement.  The hardest part of those things
> will be the GUI and making it look pretty.  The logic would be quite
> easy.  And Tk should make the GUI programming rather easy.  (I say that
> a lot.  Does anyone know of a GUI toolkit that's easier than Tk???)
I agree that we need to work on some of our ideas rather than just
generating new ideas that then never get worked on.  Are any of us
skilled graphically?  For edutainment programs like those mentioned
above as well as the drill and practice and creativity (KidWriter, etc.)
programs some nice pictures can make a competent program much more
appealing, especially to younger students.

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