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Re: K-8 Cur

> >"Edutainment" programs such as Oregon Trail, Where in the World is
> Carmen SanDiego, etc.
> She said these programs are big with kids but felt they were better for kids
> to use at home. Maybe we need to ask the kids what software do they want to
> use.

Asking kids is a good idea...

Anyway, Oregon Trail and Carmen Sandiego are great programs that
shouldn't be *too* hard to implement.  The hardest part of those things
will be the GUI and making it look pretty.  The logic would be quite
easy.  And Tk should make the GUI programming rather easy.  (I say that
a lot.  Does anyone know of a GUI toolkit that's easier than Tk???)

Of course, let's focus on the gradebook and perhaps stock market
simulator and other things for the school before we do something like