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Re[2]: Large Scale Integration

> Again, I think we should take a long hard look at http://www.imsproject.org
> which looks like a serious global attempt at a standard for such
> databases... 

From what I get from reading their docs (The ones that are not in Word 7 
format, when will people get a clue?) is that appears to be just another big 
thinktank sucking grant money and gaining corporate sponsorship.  All I see is 
a bunch of hand waving saying we should impliment a broad range of studies to 
evaluate the needs of this or that. (Yes, I am an opinionated curmudgeon) If we 
get caught up in that kind of model, we can have conferences and  workshops on 
Eduactional Potentials and Possibilities of computers but we won't have any 

They seem to be focusing on a lot of theoretical research and should be looked 
at but 

<opinionated mode on> 

the problem with what they are doing is just absolutely contrary to what linux 
is about. 


Come on, $1000 a year to be in the developers "in group"

Look at who is sponsering it:

Yeah, these people are really interested in education, not sucking all the 
money they can from another cash cow.

I have been to computer conferences for educators.  It is absolutely apalling 
that the comanies there are ripping off schools and the public for the garbage 
that they are selling.  They are going in with slick salespeople and cutsie 
plastic rainforest kiosks telling them to buy the worst software I have seen in 
any area .I am working with and have worked with the "Learning Systems" that 
the companies are suckering schools into buying, 

I honestly do not take them seriously. This is the kind of thing that keeps 
computers out of the classroom and sucks technology resources away from 
schools. This is not a model to emulate, this is what we are working AGAINST.

We could have a working model available before they finish planning the year's 
conference schedule.

David Kirtley