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Re: Gradebook development

Hello, all!

I've just joined this SEUL list and 'd like to pour some  fresh
thoughts (at least, they seem to be fresh)

I am sorry, I don't know at what  stage  of  development  grade
book really is. As I see  you  discussing  the  basics,  it  is
vaporware, my guess is.

On Sun, 15 Nov 1998, David Kirtley wrote:
>> On Sat, Nov 14, 1998 at 07:12:44PM -0500, EAMorical@aol.com wrote:
>> User Interface: text based version for teachers/students/countries stuck
>>                 with older equipment, Gnome/GUI version for those who are not.
>>         (both versions continuously updated simultaneously)>         

What about standard Linux design:

core + any number of frontends ?

The core could have some kind of  CLUI/socket  interface  and
definite and clear set of commands/requests

The core should be developed, along with some trivial default frontend.

Then some  people,  unsatisfied,  could easily build  their  favorite
Tcl/Tk, Perl, Java, Gtk, Qt, ncurses, slang .... etc

>If we work on the data model first, it could be a simple matter of porting it 
>to any and all interface models.  A text based interface is the lowest common 
>denominator.  If the data model is present, it could be accessed with whichever 
>model GUI tool desired, from tc/tk, python, perl, GNOME/GTK, kde/QT, JAVA, or 

Yes, data model is what must be handled by the core!

>Data Analysis

(As for these sections, very important thing to be added to the above
list is
 Visualisation (in data analysis?)

[ambitions skipped]

Probably, there could be some modest  start,  say,  Grades  and
Assignments, but always with extensibility in mind.

So, relational database (some SQL) is indeed a must here.

Gradebook can have a modular structure.  This  modularity  will
allow independent and parallel development of the gradebook.

And, please, don't forget I18N !

(probably Unicode is right thing here: students names could  be
very strange even in USA, and it will not look serious, if  the
system will not be able to  spell  french,  polish  or  spanish
names correctly!)

It may seem as crazy idea to  you,  but  what  about  doing  it
Web-based? You have  server-side  (say,  Apache+PHP+PostgreSQL)
and any kind of client side (even lynx for low-end)... Well,  I
know, it will not be specific to Linux, but  nonetheless  could
be one of the solutions: for example, students will be able  to
check their progress from anywhere ;-) Teacher's workbench will
still must-be-Unix.

(But not Java - it will be too sloooowww.)


About myself:
I am a programmer at the educator's training center in  Karelia
(North-West Russia). My site mainly directed to  promote  Linux
in russian education is here:


(it's in russian, of course ;-)

The major problem with Linux in education, as you well know, is
lack of  educational  application  (due  to  the  lack  of  GNU
developers in this area  ;-)  and  overall  orientation  on  MS
technology (Russia has more  IBM-compatibles,  than  Macs,  but
Karelia has more m68k Macs in schools than IBMs -  so,  we  are
kind of alternative).

The major area in  which  we  have  a  hole  in  administrative
software is 'school lesson schedule'. All those are for Windos,
you know, and commercial.

Gradebook as such is not top priority here (computers  are  too

In educational  software,  top  priority  is  computer  science
environments for secondary school: right now it's  Robotlandia,
which if ported to  Linux  will  create  tremendous  desire  to
follow...  Then  something  for  (computer  science)  in   high
school. Like Pascal or structural Basic IDE...


I wish you luck with your undertaking and almost always ready
to help (if possible) in creation of (international) edu soft!

(And also I'd like to know what  other  freeware  projects  are
going on - please, mail me! As I don't know anything other than
Logo language being available!)

Roman A. Suzi
 -- Petrozavodsk -- Karelia -- Russia --
    -- powered by Linux RedHat 5.1 --