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Re: Gradebook development

On Sun, Nov 15, 1998 at 08:52:07PM +0300, Roman Suzi wrote:

> The core could have some kind of  CLUI/socket  interface  and
> definite and clear set of commands/requests
> The core should be developed, along with some trivial default frontend.
> Yes, data model is what must be handled by the core!

I think you are getting at the core of what we should be doing. pardon the
pun :-).  I have worked solo too long (not out of choice) and am not sure
quite how to move from here... luckily there are freeware group project
veterans on this list who can perhaps provide with a roadmap?

> So, relational database (some SQL) is indeed a must here.

and maybe even nosql ...? (see previous email)

> And, please, don't forget I18N !

please: what is I18N?

> (probably Unicode is right thing here: students names could  be
> very strange even in USA, and it will not look serious, if  the
> system will not be able to  spell  french,  polish  or  spanish
> names correctly!)

yes! and also because we want this to work everywhere on earth.
(Mexico and France come to mind :-)

> It may seem as crazy idea to  you,  but  what  about  doing  it
> Web-based? You have  server-side  (say,  Apache+PHP+PostgreSQL)
> and any kind of client side (even lynx for low-end)... Well,  I

yes! I like the idea... since the common denominator is a GNU/linux server,
then why not make use of it with server side includes! (Back when I wasted
years thinking about how to do this across all OS platforms, I had ruled out
that idea. But now that I am not trying to please every OS, I like it!)

> know, it will not be specific to Linux, but  nonetheless  could
> be one of the solutions: for example, students will be able  to
> check their progress from anywhere ;-) Teacher's workbench will
> still must-be-Unix.

I'm with you.

> (But not Java - it will be too sloooowww.)

I'm not a java writer myself, but let's not exclude any language. In one of
my schools with a parent participation program, a java expert has just
enthousiastically volunteered her expertise to help in this project.

> The major area in  which  we  have  a  hole  in  administrative
> software is 'school lesson schedule'. All those are for Windos,
> you know, and commercial.

yes, I agree... that would be a killer app for administration types.

> (And also I'd like to know what  other  freeware  projects  are
> going on - please, mail me!

well, I hope every one on this mailing list will keep us informed of other
free software educational projects.  I understand someone is working on an
FAQ in this area ...?