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Re: Gradebook development

Roman Suzi writes:

 > The major problem with Linux in education, as you well know, is lack
 > of educational application (due to the lack of GNU developers in this
 > area ;-) and overall orientation on MS technology (Russia has more
 > IBM-compatibles, than Macs, but Karelia has more m68k Macs in schools
 > than IBMs - so, we are kind of alternative).

In the educational software domain, I would like to work on things that
benefit my learning primarily, and others' learning secondarily.  (It's
hoped, however, that my learning style is not too wacky.)  I feel that
otherwise I would not be able to relate fully to the work.

I've noticed I learn a lot by doing experiments and interacting with
some system (normally programming systems).  Currently, these systems
give feedback that is both intriguing and frustrating, and I find that
that environment encourages me to poke around until my curiosity and ego
are satisfied.  I find some visualization appealing, but mostly deal
symbolically (text).

I think I would enjoy using (and maybe writing) a tutorial on a certain
programming language, as long as the tutorial was designed to evolve
into a standalone tutor.