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Jan Hlavacek writes:

 > I am new to this list,  and I must say I am pretty excited.  I have been
 > dreaming about linux in education a lot recently,  but so far the only
 > things I have been able to find were activities and programs to teach
 > linux,  not to use linux for teaching and learning.  I was even thinking
 > about starting something myself,  but so far I haven't got the time.
 > I read the archives,  and found a lot of interesting stuff,  but so far
 > I didn't see anybody mentioning logo.  Are there any logophiles out
 > there?  

Ian Bicking <bickiia@earlham.edu> on the Guile mailing list posted code
to translate Logo into Scheme.  If expressed as Scheme, I could easily
be a logophile.  :->