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Re: mailing list configuration question [Seul-edu]

A sample of the header line with [Seul-edu] tag at end of subject header.

Bill Ries-Knight wrote:

The issue I have with the tag [seul-edu] is placement.  If the tag is at the beginning of the list subject  header line, it becomes difficult to do an alpha sort on messages.

I have one list I subscribe to that does such a thing.  What often happens is you get a subject header line like this
[seul-edu]RE:[seul-edu] list header tags.  I also find iit is annoying to sort through the headers with this kind of tag.  A MINOR annoyance, I am adaptable.

my two cents.

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Doug Loss wrote:

Jeff Waddell asked me why seul-edu doesn't have some marker in the
subject line indicating that a message came from the mailing list.  The
reason is because this never occurred to us before, although it probably
should have.  Before we implement such a thing, I'd like to find out if
anyone has strong feelings for or against this.  If sentiment is
generally "for" or neutral, we'll probably add something like [seul-edu]
to the beginning of the subject of all messages from the list.

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